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Brandon Blvd’s Creative Quarantine Release “Safer at Home"

Updated: May 26, 2021

When the global pandemic hit in 2020 and everyone around the world was being delegated into lockdowns, there was an immediate sense of “What do we do now?” Well, for Brandon Blvd, the lockdown provided an immaculate opportunity to marinate in his own artistic creativity. Spending much of his time in quarantine devoted to improving his work and creating something authentic and true to his experiences up to that point in his life, the up-and-coming rapper created his latest project, titled “Safer at Home.” Blvd’s “Safer at Home” EP title is a reference to something many of us felt in 2020: that we were safer at home (sealed away from the coronavirus pandemic plaguing the outside world.)

On “Safer at Home” Blvd showcases his commitment to pushing himself forward as a hip-hop/rap artist. “We have an obligation to ourselves to bounce back and remain resilient in the name of the culture of hip-hop that often undervalues our sacrifices and commitment,” says Blvd. One of the standout tracks on Blvd’s EP is “Dark Rooms and Cartoons (feat. Mai Ty),” which goes in depth to detail the struggles that Blvd and featured artist Mai Ty have experienced throughout their lives. “Dark rooms and cartoons / The subtle promise love will come conquer the dark soon,” Blvd says on the chorus, echoing a feeling many have felt themselves during the pandemic. Overall, Blvd’s lyricism on the six tracks of this EP is what truly makes this collection of songs stand out in a crowded hip-hop field.

Brandon Blvd’s EP “Safer at Home” is available now on all major streaming platforms!


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