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Dariann Leigh Releases Lyric Video for Fierce Single: “Let Me Go”

Dariann Leigh shares her breakup story in her single, “Let Me Go.” The 21-year-old singer-songwriter wrote “Let Me Go” with Emily Fortney and Skyes Lawson. When they got to the second verse of the song, they knew it was going to be spectacular. Dariann Leigh says that each lyric means something, and she hopes that each person finds their own meaning in the verses. The opening line proves that Dariann Leigh knows her self-worth and won’t cave when it comes to standing her ground. “You showed up at my door for a box of your things, you didn’t want them back, you just tryin’ to see me,” sings Dariann Leigh. “And I’m like ohh ohh let me go.” She is not going to go back and forth after a breakup, instead she wants to move on and go forward.

“Let Me Go” is a powerful song about moving on and letting go of a past love. She sings, “Enough with the water works baby there’s no point, everything you say now just sounds like white noise.” The love that they previously shared is no longer existent, and she expresses that she wants nothing to with him anymore. She portrays her strength in the line, “I’m something that you left behind, you call it yours I call it mine.” If you are looking to feel empowered or dance it out to a fun tune, “Let Me Go” is the perfect song to blast at full volume. Check out Dariann Leigh’s lyric video for “Let Me Go” on YouTube!

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