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DJ Violinist Asher Laub is offering 24K happiness in ‘Golden’ - Harry Styles Instrumental Cover

NY musician Asher Laub is spreading his musical aura through his latest representation, 'Golden.’

Get ready to revive yourself with the latest uplifting musical tune by talented Asher Laub. This music artist has previously gathered much attention with his covers like ‘Easy On Me,’ ‘Indigo, ‘and so on. And now, he is creating the buzz again with the latest cover of Harry Styles’ famously single ‘Golden.’ As a well-seasoned DJ violinist, Asher has shown an ample amount of creativity through this creation, where listeners do not only get smooth violin sections but a complete musical experience filled with multiple layers of emotion. ‘Golden - Harry Styles Instrumental’ by Asher Laub is currently streaming on Spotify and other music platforms.

On Asher’s official YouTube page, the cover of ‘Golden’ has premiered with an official music video that offers some stunning views of the state park along with the vast distant nature. The music video well complements the subject matter and musical approach of the track with beautiful references to love and nature. Asher has made some significant progress with his talent and skills that spread all over the world. We can definitely only see him rising from here. Follow Asher Laub on Instagram and keep an eye on his website to know more.


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