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Exclusive Interview: Gabi Ammirato

What are you putting all of your energy into right now?

Right now, I’m putting a lot of my energy into creating a positive and healthy routine for the New Year. I’m big into resets and with the New Year I find it the best time to perfect my daily routine, filling it with things/ activities that make me happy and boost my health. I also am putting more energy into making time for my music and to sit down and either read or write. Whether it is journaling/or writing music, finding time every day to do something creative is a huge part of where I am directing my energy in the New Year.

What takes up most of your time?

A lot of my time recently has been spent on the activities associated with promoting my “Metamorphosis” EP. It was fortunate that it coincided with the end of the Fall semester giving me the time to focus on the many opportunities to do interviews like this and some podcasts and Instagram lives. As we head into the New Year I will continue those activities but add in my final semester of school, working in the Berklee community and working on my next EP. Right now, I am working with my producer to set up our timing so I can work out my travel between Boston and NYC and achieve the timing we have planned for the release. I want to make sure that I carve out time for reading and other activities that spark the creative juices, so the writing continues to flow. Keeping on top of my instruments and making time to write are also top of the list. I recently got a planner that I am working to keep really current, so all the pieces work together!

What is the quickest thing to get done when making music?

For me the easiest thing is usually the melody. Once I have the chords and the rhythm in mind then I solidify the lyrics for a section. At this point I sing the section and kind of mess with the melody and allow it to emerge organically. Since I know my voice and range so well this allows me to be authentic to myself while showcasing the lyrics and the story the song is conveying. My artistry is focused on storytelling, so I love to start by building the structure and story while allowing the melody to flow more naturally and align itself to the lyrics.

How vocal are you when there is something you don't want to incorporate into your music?

I’m very vocal about it, but I approach it in a respectful way. I want to be open and really listen to understand their perspective, so I LISTEN first. I realize that I do hate to

disappoint people but I also don’t want to disappoint myself by accepting something I don’t feel fits in the song. Striking the balance is key because I never want someone to feel disrespected or not “seen, heard and valued”. I will say “that’s cool, let me play back to you what I hear you saying” to make sure I understand. I will never simply reject something or call it terrible, but I will convey why I don’t think it fits my vision or suggest a way it could fit in so we can collaborate. If it is a collaboration from the start then I am more flexible because I go into that knowing we will co-create so my vision for the song is not very firm. However, if it is a song I conceived and have a clear vision for I will be open to experiment but also much firmer in where the song needs to go. The final product reflects me and my artistry so I must be comfortable with it. In the end I will be as direct as I need to be if something doesn’t belong in my song, but I strive to always be kind and respectful along the way.

How are you pushing through everything you have going on?

Although I hate pressure I actually thrive under it. Nothing like a deadline to get you focused. When I was growing up I would be told “time and pressure make dust or diamonds, your goal is to be the diamond”. I am more motivated and productive when I am busy. I have learned to love it because it delivers results! When I have early days and late nights it can be exhausting but the productivity and new projects are exhilarating. Don’t get me wrong I love to also find time to wind down, relax and practice some self-care. This is key because burn-out is real and it does lead to reduced productivity if you are not careful. Balance is the key! This pandemic has taught me how important structure is in my life to feel well and happy. Keeping busy during my days makes me feel motivated and productive accomplishing my goals a little bit every day.

Any tips for artists that want to keep on track with their music?

Planning and commitment. You must have a plan to reach your goals and you must work towards it. As you work it assesses what is working and what isn’t and adjusts it. Things won’t go perfectly so be prepared and use that knowledge to chart another path. Know who you are, what your purpose is and what you want to achieve and use those as your “North stars” to guide you. When I hit a writing dry spell one of my mentors told me to just keep writing without judgment. I was stopping myself by feeling everything was not good enough which led me to feel like why I was bothering. He told me even if I wrote 10 things and nine were terrible, that last one might be the diamond I was seeking. This taught me to get out of my head and stop being my worst critic. We have chosen to be in a tough industry where we put ourselves out there to be judged so we better be our own best ally and supporter. So bottom line is know who you are, where you are going, accept that you will need to adapt and adjust along the way so keep learning and progressing and one day your “overnight success” will arrive in whatever format works for you.

How do new fans keep on track with you? YouTube: Gabi Ammirato Instagram: gabi_ammirato_ (personal) and gabiammirato (music) Facebook: Gabi Ammirato Website: Spotify/ Apple Music/ Soundcloud: Gabi Ammirato

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