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Exclusive Interview with Tess Posner

You are doing amazing work with your music Tess! We're excited for New Angels!

Thank you so much! I am so excited too :)

Do you work on themes when it comes to how to start a project?

It depends on the song but usually, it often starts with the idea of what the sng is going to be about and the general theme. Sometimes this hits me as a phrase or a word out of nowhere, or from journaling. Once I have that “seed” of inspiration, I start writing chords, piano, and flesh everything else out. Sometimes though, I will start with the music first and create a vibe, then the song theme will emerge from that. Both ways are really fun!

What is the flow of how you created the single?

For this song, I wrote it a few years ago when I was walking home from the train and thought it was snowing, but it turned out to be ash from a homeless man’s fire he lit in the middle of the road. It occurred to me that he was trying to warm the coldness of the people around him, just passing by. This led me to write… “hearts are bound in barbed wire.” I was lucky to have amazing collaborators to help me bring the orchestration to life, including Violin and Viola Performances by Andrew Joslyn, cello performances by Eli Weinberger and mixing, mastering by George Wiederkehr.

You have this really cool vibe! Did you make a conscious effort to make that happen?

Thank you for the kind words! I try to develop photos/images, for example on social media, that tell the story of the music and themes. For example, in this song there is a lot of interplay between hope and despair, and my photos are dark but have elements of light or color to draw the contrast.

On the other end you really go there when it comes to your music and being vulnerable. How do you balance it all?

I love writing music that's about expressing things authentically - beyond what society tries to tell us to be or act like. Sometimes that involves going to dark places and difficult emotions to explore things that are usually hidden, but that provides healing and catharsis. I started writing songs from journaling and exploring my own depths, and finding a sense of freedom in that process. I love being able to share that with others and explore different sounds and textures to express new ideas and deep feelings.

When it all comes together, what makes you, YOU when it comes to your music?

Some of the themes that I always write about are healing and transformation. No matter what tools I use to express them, they are always there, playing out in different ways through the music or lyrics.

Can you leave us with your favorite part of New Angels?

The strings and the layers in the last chorus!

Social Media and all things you please!

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