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  • Shannon McNaughton

GRW Writes Old Western Tales in ‘Marijuana Murder Ballads’

Marijuana Murder Ballads is available NOW on all major streaming platforms

California native and former Mendocino County cannabis farmer creates a storytelling album, Marijuana Murder Ballads. The latest album is a collection of songs narrating true stories and events. “I’m bringing tales from the Emerald Triangle into the grand American story song tradition,” reveals GRW. “If Johnny Cash and Woody Guthrie can sing songs about hard-work, whiskey and troubles, I can do the same thing for weed and wickedness.”

“Even though I’m illuminating the darker side of the cannabis world, I just want the good people of the Emerald Triangle to know that I love them,” says the now Tennessee resident. “I was one of them and I think folks are going to find this very interesting and inspiring.

From rock and reggae, too blues and country, GRW’s music can be described as “World Fusion” which blurs genre lines and appreciated globally. “I’ve always let the music take me where it wants to,” reveals GRW. “I’ve never felt confined to the constraints of a certain genre. I don’t think music or art should live by a set of rules, so I don’t either.”

To listen to the new album, click here.You can learn more about GRW by checking out his website:


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