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Jeremy Parsons Delivers Mature, Humble Hit With "Something Other Than You Are"

With almost 175k streams since its September release, Jeremy Parsons is reaping the rewards of hard work, professional songwriting, and talented playing. "Something Other Than You Are" is the fifth single from Jeremy’s highly acclaimed album, "Things To Come," released just ten short months ago. "Something Other Than You Are" continues on the theme of self-discovery, choices, and the ability to overcome destructive behaviors and live life to its fullest. Laced with clever imagery and rich metaphor, Jeremy Parsons explores all the things you could be if not for being yourself, yet all these wonderful alternatives always lead you back to being you. “And if I was a bird, make me a cardinal bright and red, I would fly by your window, every chance I get.” Would you also love to do such things given the chance? "Things To Come" is a beautifully arranged and performed album, one of my favorite Americana – Roots releases of this post-pandemic year. I find solace in Jeremy Parson’s vocal performance and the soft strumming of his guitar. He intricately picks out the right chords to compliment his progressions, giving the guitar a melody on its own without the aid of other effects. The rhythms from the bass and drums are always well tapped to the downbeat allowing Jeremy to explore many vocal concepts and always returning to the downbeat. "Something Other Than You Are" being the one track I keep going back to as my comfort song.

As another singer-songwriter project, Jeremy Parsons lets his songs speak for themselves. With a professional mix, and beautifully portrayed notes ringing clearly over the listening field this track really stands out from all the others out there. A mature offering, remaining humble throughout the track and not showboating his talents. "Something Other Than You Are" is worthy of commercial success on any pop, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary, or Country Radio format. "Something Other Than You Are" is a highly enjoyable offering from an album already brimming with solid hits. Although, this may be the last single release from "Things To Come," I am sure we will be getting new material from Jeremy Parsons in due time, as this songwriting machine is clearly not done sharing his work with the world, and I thank him for this.

--Lee Callaghan


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