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Jessica Rio's "Hindsight"

Jessica is a singer and songwriter based in Nashville TN. After years of working on the business side of the industry and raising her family, she realized that it was time to take action on her own lifetime dream of becoming a singer and songwriter. Since then, Jessica has been performing her music at songwriter rounds, festivals, and events. And in 2020, she recorded and released her first singles as part of her debut EP album that will be released in 2021! Jessica's musical style is a blend of indie pop and folk and she writes straight from the soul. Her music is heart felt and authentic and she hopes that anyone listening feels inspired and touched by the messages in her songs. For her latest single “Hindsight,” Jessica wanted to write an empowering song. A song that tells the story of how we cannot manifest our dream life until we first know how worthy we are. Sometimes that requires using our Hindsight to guide us. Heartfelt inspiration combined with stellar drums and electric guitar, make this a song a must listen!


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