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  • Faith Williams

John McDonough Inspires Us to Hope on "We'll Answer the Call" EP

John McDonough's new concept EP, We'll Answer the Call, is an inspiring and captivating musical journey. The Chicago-based singer/songwriter's emotive lyrics and melodic instrumentation weave together to tell the story of Joe Rantz and the Washington Huskies rowing program's historic Olympic gold at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. The EP begins with "Shooting Star", a song that immediately immerses the listener into the protagonist's inner foreboding and feelings of defeat. McDonough's voice is vulnerable yet strong, and his meticulous guitar playing builds a backdrop of hope in the face of adversity. The subsequent tracks - "Love You Just For You" and "Among The Stars" - continue to build upon McDonough's narrative. His guitars and piano are delicate and airy, taking the listener on a voyage of resounding triumph. The highlight of the EP is easily the title track, "We'll Answer the Call". McDonough's enthusiasm reaches its peak here, as he reflects upon the team's undying perseverance. The song begins with a trembling acoustic guitar, gradually increasing in intensity and developing into a swelling chorus of inspiration. Overall, We'll Answer the Call is an incredibly well crafted EP, and it's clear that McDonough has put a lot of emotion and effort into his music. This is an album for anyone who needs a reminder that hope is never far away.

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