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  • Catherine Sherling

Pure Country: "Soldiers Promise"

NASHVILLE, TN - John Michael Ferrari was named “Radio Artist of the Year” in 2023 by the Nashville Music Awards for a reason. His newest EP, “Soldiers Promise”, is a testament to the power of strong songwriting and a unique voice. 

The EP has a clear through line of love of God, Country, and fellow man. “Like A Rock n Roll Band” was named "Peace Song of the Year" by the Art 4 Peace organization in 2020, and “The Son Don’t Lie” shows that no matter your misfortune, God will not let you down because “the son don’t lie”. The EP ends with an energetic anthem, “Like a Rock and Roll Band” that shows John Michael Ferrari’s range; he’s not just here to tug on the heartstrings, but also here to get you up on your feet and really dancing. 

Listen to “Soldiers Promise”, which is out now on all streaming platforms. For more information about John Michael Ferrari and his story, visit his website at

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