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John Michael Ferrari Pens Heartfelt Tribute With “Paint You A Love Song”

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The new single from the multi award winning singer songwriter was written for a dear friend’s wedding and showcases that Ferrari hasn’t lost his touch with the music we know and love from him.

Accompanied by Grady Saxman, Eli Beaird, Kenny Greenberg, Mike Rojas, Scotty Sanders, and Kris Donegan, the song gives a full sound with a strong production that features a soaring chorus with smooth transitions that many know and love from the multi award winning singer songwriter. Paired with Ferrari’s touching lyrics that can be described as nothing short of poetry, the song is enhanced beautifully to become a staple of his new album, “My Heart Can’t Breathe”.

Ferrari was recently declared the “Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter 2022” by the Nashville Music Foundation, and his latest piece of work, “My Heart Can’t Breathe” proves this as it has received stellar reviews upon release. Not unfamiliar to music of love and philosophy, “Paint You A Love Song” is another testament to his catalogue of songs that connect on a deeper level with his audience. It remains a consistent piece of work in the famed singer songwriters career to date.

“Paint You A Love Song” was released as a single on August 1st, 2022 and is the second single to be released in relation to his new album, “My Heart Can’t Breathe”.

“Paint You A Love Song” is available everywhere now. Watch the video on YouTube:

For more from John Michael Ferrari, follow him on social media:


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