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Jon Mullins Takes Us on an Emotional Journey in His "Better Man" Official Music Video

Singer-songwriter Jon Mullins released the official music video for his emotional single "Better Man," and it's an emotional watch - his raw, authentic lyrics are brought to life in the powerful visual.

The video focuses on Mullins as he pens a message to his significant other in a journal. He sings his plea with melancholy: "I know you've got a million reasons to let me go / But now I'm asking for another chance." Then, he makes his promise to be a "better man" in his chorus. He plays the melody on a piano before going into the second verse, detailing the messiness of a fight they had - and that despite it all, he'll still come back to her. We watch as he takes the words he's written to the studio to record, and sings into the mic with conviction. Tensions rise in the bridge, leading to his explosive final chorus after a pause - he belts his promise with arms spread wide. The captivating visual truly brings his sentiment to life - his raw energy shines through in the clips, showcasing the passion and emotion he so powerfully sings.

"Better Man" is Mullins' first single since the release of his debut album 20 Something in 2016. He was a contestant on season 18 of The Voice, and Based in Nashville, Tennessee, he is known for his transparent, emotional lyrics and incredible talent. Be sure to check out the video and the rest of Mullins' music below!


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