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Josh Christina's "Old Piano" Takes You Back To Rock n' Roll

Josh Christina takes you back to an old nostalgic feeling of Rock ’n’ Roll. His music encompasses strong vocals and incredible piano skills. In his latest release “Old Piano” you can hear just that. This single released earlier this fall will be followed by the release of the music video to go with it. The single features a bittersweet story, encompassing the story of a piano who has lived through years worth of memories, narrating its life story.

The music video features Josh Christina singing, from the perspective of an old piano, while sitting in a room surrounded by numerous pianos. The video features an array of different pianos which Christina plays from multiple different ones, at moments even demonstrating his raw talent and playing two at the same time. His distinctive style and talents are showcased in both the song and the music video. The rockabilly singer demonstrates his impressive piano talents through the whole video.

The music video is the perfect pairing for singer-songwriter’s single “Old Piano”, easily demonstrating his piano skills and musical talents. Watch it now:


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