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Justin Bieber's "Holy" Music Video ft. Chance the Rapper is Tearjerking in the Best Ways

Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper recently teamed up for the release of "Holy," and the music video released on September 17th is heartwarming, and relatable to many especially in today's climate.

The video follows Bieber as an employee at a struggling oil plant trying to support himself and his girlfriend, played by Ryan Destiny. The oil industry, like many, have faced devastating layoffs in light of the ongoing pandemic. While on the job, Bieber and his coworkers are told the oil plant must be shut down, leaving him and his wife wandering the streets in the dark without a home. They are offered a ride and a hot dinner by a soldier returning home to his family, played by Wilder Valderrama. They enjoy each other's company and eat together in the final heartwarming scene.

"An act of compassion can really change the trajectory of someone's life," Bieber said. He explained that their vision for the music video was to inspire others to extend their empathy to their actions.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the video is a gorgeous accompaniment to the song. It brings a new meaning to Bieber's lyrics and tells a story. You can watch the heartfelt video below:


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