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Karina Magallon Shares her Catchy Love Letter, "Closer"

Panamanian-American artist Karina Magallon released her second single "Closer," and it's an enchanting Latin pop song full of captivating hooks and catchy melodies.

The lyrics tell the story of missing someone, and anticipating the feelings of relief that

will come from being together again. It serves as a love letter to the person she's missing: "Mandamos besos por correo / Hasta cuando vivir así," Magallon smooths over the classical guitar picking in the background. Into the chorus, she repeats: "Pull me closer / And closer, and closer / And closer to you." Singing in both English and Spanish, she brings together elements of both American and Latin pop to create a dreamy sentiment that's sure to get stuck in your head.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Magallon is continuing her career in Nashville, Tennessee where she attends Belmont University for Commercial Music. As she brings together genres, she wants to bring people together as well through her unique style. Her authenticity shows through her music, with themes of love, difficulties, and courage. "Closer" follows her April 2020 release "Feel So Alive," and both are available to download and stream everywhere now. Be sure to check out Karina Magallon in the links below.


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