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Karli Ryan Steps Back From Growing Up in “Young Girl”

Growing up submerged in the innocence of youth is an experience that Karli Ryan understands all too well. It’s those precise experiences that allow her to shine with “Young Girl.” A soulful country anthem with a dazzle of twang combined with infectious drum backing propels Ryan past her American Idol days. Further embarking on her journey, “Young Girl” establishes Ryan as a mature individual, one that understands the simplicity of life and how reminiscing on cherished memories brings comfort. Finding bliss in her nostalgia, Ryan examines what it means to grow up too fast. “Don’t grow up too soon, just do you,” she echoes, convincing herself to travel in the slow lane once in a while. She wants to live for now, not cast a spotlight on the uncertainty of the future.

Accepting herself as a visionary, Ryan revealed, “This song is for the times I’ve been told that timing is everything and I’m just too young.” Taking a profound step back from the responsibilities that come with growing up, Ryan holds on to her youth and doesn’t think twice in “Young Girl.”

“Young Girl” is available NOW on all streaming platforms! To stay connected with Karli Ryan, follow her @karliryanmusic and stay updated on new music at


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