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  • Taylor Donohue

Kel Adore Feeds Our Inner Child in New Single “Still A Child”

LA based singer/songwriter Kel Adore, taps into her youthful spirit in newest release “Still a Child”. With a mission to uncover the truth and allow listeners to feel as though they are not alone, “Still a Child” leans into the discussion of mental health. Kel Adore plays into the confusion of getting older with deeply personal lyrics within her seemingly playful and energetic song. Young, charismatic, free of worry as a child to the juxtaposition of growing up feeling anxious and insecure, Kel’s song recognizes all of those confused emotions.

Kel shares, “No matter what we go through, we are all just a bunch of kids at heart.” She continues by saying, “Things happen that we feel unprepared for or unequipped to handle. Sometimes we just need to tap into our child like selves, before all the distractions and trauma and confusion, to get back on the right path.”

Despite the playfully pop sound of “Still A Child”, the lyrics share Kel’s fear of uncertainty of the future and insecurity towards her skills as an artist. The final arrangement of “Still a Child” continues to prove how personal this song is to Kel Adore as her 12 nieces and nephews are her shouting and singing. “Each of their recordings was so cute and fun, and I am so happy it worked out to include them,” explains Kel.

“Still A Child” allows the audience to escape. Escape from the anxiety of the real world and assimilate back into the carefree nature of a child. Release your inner child by streaming “Still A Child” by Kel Adore out now on all platforms.

Watch the "Still A Child" lyric video by Kel Adore on YouTube below & check out for more!


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