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Kenna Shares a Message of Hope in her Ethereal Single "Static"

Indie-pop artist Kenna released her single "Static" back in September, and it's an optimistic, dreamy track about finding meaning and hope - she shares a message everyone can find their own truth within.

The lyrics explore Kenna's experiences finding a deeper meaning within her life. She explained that witnessing everything going on in the world at this current time has made her feel a sense of"static" - however, she's been able to find a the good within it all. "I hear a voice through the static / and finding the truth in the madness," she sings in the chorus. Her voice is full of warmth, bringing a sense of comfort to her sentiment as she sings over the dreamy, ethereal track which gives life to her sentiment.

Navigating life in Nashville, Tennessee, Kenna brings authenticity and joy to all who listen to her music. Her lyrics are heartfelt, and combined with her unique melodies and catchy rhythms her incredible talent is showcased in all she creates. Check out her music and download and stream "Static" everywhere now.


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