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King Princess Releases Surreal Video for "Only Time Makes It Human"

King Princess returns after the success of her 2019 debut album Cheap Queen with a new single, "Only Time Makes It Human." The single was released along with the music video - an animated, surreal virtual experience.

The video features an animated King Princess dancing around in front of a camera in her signature white tank top as the real-life version of herself sings the lyrics about wanting to get over an unrequited love. "It sucks that I think about her / 'Cause thinking 'bout her leaves me lonely," she sings, trapped behind screens - box televisions, computer screens, and phones, all cutting in and out with static and watched by the animated version of herself.

The single is her first release since "Ohio," which she dropped while on the Cheap Queen tour in early 2020. The video was produced by Swedish visual artist Pastelae and directed by Quinn Wilson, known for Lizzo's "Juice" and "Boys" videos. You can watch the surreal visual below:


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