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Lady Gaga's "911" Video is a Surreal Visual of her Mental Health Battle

Lady Gaga's Chromatica details many of her raw emotions - her single "911" explores the effects antipsychotic medication has had on her life. She released the official music video accompanying "911" on September 18th, and it's a beautiful rollercoaster of her struggles.

The video opens on Gaga in a white sandy desert, laying on the ground alone under a bright blue sky. She's shown singing among a group of people in surrealist fashion, and it's hard to tell if the video is set in the middle-aged Egypt or a techno-futuristic world. She and

the others she's with sing manically, showing how she feels inside her head. There's a sudden plot twist - Gaga is stabbed in the heart, and awakes in more modern world surrounded by those she was in the desert with. The man who stabbed her is now the EMT reviving her from a car crash with a defibrillator.

The surreal visual accompaniment directed by Tarseem Singh is full of vibrancy in color and fashion. All of the pieces worn were commissioned by Gaga herself - she explained on Instagram the significance. "Something that was once my real life everyday is now a film... it's the poetry of pain."

The video is outlandish and wild in true Gaga fashion - she brings her vision to life perfectly. You can watch it below:


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