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  • Jamison Costolnick

Listen and slip into paradise

With a new season of work and school right around the corner, everyone is wishing for one more slice of paradise. In his storytelling style, Nate DiRuzza illustrates this longing perfectly in his new single “Playa del Amor”.

Finding a new destination is similar to meeting a new person in many ways, however, the honeymoon stage of finding a new favorite place sticks around a little longer than that of a relationship. Formed around memories, and experiences, a simple get away can be all you need. Whether your escape is a favorite place of your favorite person of yours, the love and comfort felt in its presence is nothing short of magical. With all of that being said, there is no reason why someone wouldn’t want this lovely illusion to stick around for a lifetime.

In almost every other occurrence, the unknown is scary. However, a new unknown love can be one of the most exciting things in life. No matter what it is towards, having strong good feelings about a person, place, or thing crafts our own paradise and can make even the most dreaded moments bearable.

Through his vocals alone, the longing and dire wish for more and more of this addicting bliss is clear. Doubled with a whimsical instrumentation, the track itself will take you to whatever paradise you have in mind.

It’s important with the stressful, busy seasons ahead we allow ourselves to escape to paradise every once in a while. Even if that means surrounding yourself with the things and people you love, it can be one meaningful time for everyone and those opportunities, even in the most busy of times, are some you should never give up.

Keep up with Nate DiRuzza at: and don’t miss a beat of his promising future to come.


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