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  • Taylor Donohue

Payton Howie and the Fine Line Between “Jail and Jesus”

The “All American” singer-songwriter, Payton Howie, raises the bar for herself yet again with the release of her shockingly personal single paired with a gripping music video unveiling the story of her family tree. Amidst the fine line between sinners and saints, Howie dives deep into the untamed tradition that country music was built on within her poetic music video.

Not many artists can say that they have shared the stage with the likes of Carrie Underwood at the ripe age of 5, but Payton Howie can. Learning her love for storytelling early on, Howie has become an expert in her craft. With a natural souther charm, Howie describes the difficulties of living a life with an angel on your shoulder and the devil on your back.

Through divulging into a persons rights and wrongs, “Jail and Jesus” is an exemplification of the complicated nature of life and the music video expands upon the already excellent songwriting. Howie shares, “It’s by far one of the most personal songs I’ve ever released and definitely one of the tracks I’m most proud of.”

Watch The Music Video Here:

Through death, heartaches, sins, and everything in between the song is an illustrative piece of art that you don’t want to miss. Payton Howie is a country artist renegade that you don’t want to miss. For more on the young country renegade, visit


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