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  • Ryan Archer

Presley Tennant's Heartfelt Tribute For Father’s Day

Up-and-coming country singer Presley Tennant’s beautiful tribute to her father, “Half That Strong”, is gripping, loving, dramatic and has a classic country feel to it. Presley’s voice soars through bombastic country instrumentation as she attributes her life to her father’s parenting. She wishes to be half as strong as him, as the title suggests. The opening lines of the track lay the foundation for Presley’s loving message to the patriarch of the family singing: “You came from nothing, you turned nothing into something beautiful”. This strong opening brings the listener in. Whether one can relate to the story of coming from nothing or to their father doing the best they can to raise them right, the sentiment could not be more heartfelt.

“Wish I could be half that strong, wish I could be half that brave, wish I could thank you but I just can’t find the words to say.”

How does one thank a parent for all they have done? It almost seems like an impossible task. Well Presley might have found a perfect way: give them a heartfelt piece of art about your love for them. These types of songs are usually reserved for once in a lifetime romances. What is more once in a lifetime than your father’s unwavering love? Presley is able to tap into this with her incredibly thoughtful and sweet songwriting throughout the song. Metaphors fly at the listener melting their hearts and Presley’s delivery will have your ears perking up as well. The lyric “You’re the shoulder that I cry on and the ones that lift me up so I can see.” leads directly to the affecting pre-chorus which shows Presley’s father believing in her fully and showing her the way to pursue her dreams.

“Half That Strong” is perfect for the father’s day holiday or anytime you are missing the man that raised you. Presley Tennant was able to bring the emotion needed to represent such an important figure in all of our lives while keeping the sincerity in the presentation of the song. You can stream “Half That Strong” on all major streaming services.

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