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Sam Bartells’ “Sign” Offers Encouragement as He Recounts His Recovery from Addiction

New Zealand native Sam Bartells is continuing to prove his tremendous talent as well as his courageous tenacity in his latest release “Sign”. The new single is the second song off Bartells’ upcoming EP Let’s Go, coming in October.  Following his earlier single “Blessed & Broken”, a heart-wrenching narrative of his final moments before rehab, Bartells is continuing the telling of his inspiring story from addiction to recovery.

With one of the more unique voices in today’s country music, Bartells presents his own authentic sound to accompany his vulnerable lyrics. His creative stylistic choices in “Sign” and gritty vocal tone offer a new level of the raw passion he conveys in his performance. The song airs on the side of traditional country, with instrumentation featuring mandolin and fiddle as well as multiple solos from the band. The peaceful nature of the tune is the perfect follow-up to Bartells’ previous single in this saga of confessional songs.

Since undergoing the spiritual awakening that brought him sobriety, Sam Bartells has become passionate about sharing his experiences for the sake of potentially reaching someone dealing with a similar strife. “I hope to establish myself more around the world and spread my music far and wide and share a message of hope to anyone suffering in addiction”, he said in an interview last April. Bartells is clearly on his way to doing exactly that as we anticipate what’s to come in October.

You can stream “Sign” at . His first full-length project Let’s Go is available everywhere October 2nd. To keep up with Sam Bartells, follow him on social media @SamBartellsMusic.


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