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"Fire" by Sarah Johnson is a Beautiful Ballad of Honesty & Regret

Authenticity is important to singer-songwriter Sarah Johnson, and it certainly shows in her most recent EP release Volcano. Her featured single "Fire" reflects on a relationship that she still misses and believes could have been more.

Johnson opens the song by describing how she sees her ex alone, and is happy about it - until she realizes that she, too, is alone. She regrets giving him second chances and waiting around, but she believes wholeheartedly that there was more potential for the relationship's future than what actually transpired. "We could've been fire, but we just went down in flames / We could've been thunder, but you left before the rain" she sings over the mellow piano track. Steady percussion is added and then a subtle guitar picking, until it slowly escalates to a powerful ballad towards the end. Johnson's raw voice brings transparency and realness to her lyrics, and track itself drives her sentiment home.

"Fire" is one of 6 tracks featured on Johnson's EP Volcano, released in September of this year. It was the artist's first full-length project after releasing her single "Red Bandana," also featured on the project. She's said her goal for her music is relatability - she wants others to hear her singing things they have also been through. Be sure to check her out below, and stream & download "Fire" and her entire EP everywhere now!


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