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See Your Shadow - Crazy Things Like That

See Your Shadow, the brainchild of The Metropolitan Cowboy; Michael Coleman has finally released the long-anticipated single Crazy Things Like That. Written for a finalist for the show The Voice, Crazy Things Like That was never performed, now after sitting on the shelf for some time See Your Shadow is ready to share this piece with the world. This Country Western jam plays around the theme of all the quirks a person has yet still maintains that highly attractive quality; all the crazy things making them more appealing. “Skinny dipping in the neighbor's pool, playing leapfrog in high heel shoes, she likes doing crazy things like that.” This uptempo track maintains a constant rhythm which keeps listeners tapping their feet and holding interest. Even on first listen audiences can appreciate the commercial appeal of Crazy Things Like That, we clearly see that this would have been a wonderful track to be added to shows like The Voice, and fortunately we still get the chance to hear this. As we blend Country with Pop and see genre lines continue to get blurred, See Your Shadow continues to push forward into commercial stardom with this track.

The production on Crazy Things Like That is amazing. Every element is dialed into perfection. We get the opportunity to hear every overtone of the majestic voice of The Metropolitan Cowboy, as he shapes every lyrical stanza with clear articulation and pushes through all the tension that comes from each cadence. I can see Crazy Things Like Thathitting the Country music charts and setting See Your Shadow up for great success. This track also joins other great tracks like Take It To Your Grave, and It Starts With Hello. This is a very enjoyable track that should be enjoyed in a not-so-serious listening mood. Yes, she does some crazy things, but that really is what makes her wonderful. This message should not be overlooked as underneath it all a love song is a love song by any other means.

Reviewed by: Lee Callaghan


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