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  • Keith Bunn

Shannon McNeal is happier than ever in "Bad Butterflies"

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

"Nashville artist wows with new empowering single"

Indie-pop artist Shannon McNeal takes her happiness back with her latest single, "Bad Butterflies." Offering her post-breakup clarity in a delightful two minutes and fifty-eight seconds, McNeal declares her past is no longer her focus in life. With pop thunder backing her electrifying vocals, McNeal delivers a whirlwind punch of unstoppable force, leaving behind the distinct touch of a model pop song.

McNeal is pure power in "Bad Butterflies," forgetting her past and looking ahead to brighter days."No more pouting, no more doubt, no more why's, no more bad butterflies" she croons, clearly excited to be moving forward with herself. Instead of being pulled down, McNeal finds the silver-lining in losing what you never thought you would. Shannon McNeal is relatable, she's empowering, and she is vocally stunning in "Bad Butterflies."

Vibe to "Bad Butterflies" NOW:

Check out Shannon on social media @shannonmcneal!


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