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Cyanide Seance is the latest boundary pushing track from fast rising rapper/producer Bitter Camari and it’s one of their most spellbinding efforts to-date.

Bitter Camari has been turning heads in their native Portland as a proud trans black artist whose music continually goes against the norm with imaginative experimentalism. Taking influence from both their Caribbean roots and New York upbringing, Bitter Camari takes the world of cloud rap and ramp up the creativity tenfold.

Their latest release, Cyanide Seance, is this raw and cavernous slice of shimmery cloud rap reminiscent of early Yung Lean bangers. Rather than being a track you sing-a-long to, it’s more of a sonic experience that transports you to a world in the sky for the lean 1 minute 15 run time. It’s a super short track but that’s why you just stick it on repeat and get lost in it for as long as you’d like. It’s straight to the point and almost ethereal in its production and the omniscient quality of Bitter Camari’s vocals.

In a world where popular music is becoming more homogenous with every release, artists like Bitter Camari give hope for the future of innovative music that bursts with creativity. Cyanide Seance is a small slice of how talented Bitter Camari is. Don’t sleep on this super exciting artist!


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