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"Tell Him" by Hudson Valley is a Rocking Country Breakup Anthem

Female-fronted country band Hudson Valley released their newest single "Tell Him" on October 2, and it's a rocking, catchy tune which captures the messiness of a breakup with a twist - it's about seeking the help of someone else to end the relationship.

The lyrics detail a messy breakup with someone - it's so messy that help from someone else is needed. Lead singer Sarah Owens belts her wish: "I wanna make it quick and painless, I can't do this by myself / 'Cause I know it's gonna hurt him, that's why I'm asking for your help." The reason she's seeking help, she reveals, is because her significant other just isn't listening to her. The track consists of twangy guitars, heavy percussion which give a fresh feel to the other background instrumentation reminiscent of old-school country - the combination is perfect for Owens' powerhouse vocals to drive her message home.

"Tell Him" is Hudson Valley's most recent release following "Right Place Right Now" in July of 2020. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, they're most likely to be found playing local venues such as the Listening Room Cafe, Whiskey Jam, and the infamous Bluebird Cafe. They've charted on iTunes, earned plays on Radio Disney, and earned a spot in the Top 40. Be sure to check them out below, and download and stream "Tell Him" everywhere now!


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