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The Collective Bus Urges You to ‘Take Time’

(MIAMI, FLORIDA; January, 2020) - The Collective Bus releases their newest single titled ‘Take Time’. The Collective Bus is known to effortlessly express deep-rooted, human experiences through carefully crafted melodies and purposeful lyrics. Their latest single, ‘Take Time,’ is no exception.

‘Take Time’ blends rich vocals, nostalgic guitar melodies, and easygoing drums. Its lyrics urge you to explore the complexities of taking time to learn about ourselves as individuals and as counterparts in our relationships with others. It unravels the frustrating balance of needing to recognize problems in loving relationships and making difficult decisions in order to heal while together and apart.

The band wrote ‘Take Time’ while on tour in 2019. While one guitarist played around with sweet, melancholic riffs at the Pittsburgh Guitars shop, front man, Daniel Correa was already concocting up golden, reminiscent lyrics to pair with the tune. “I'm all instinct, so if the thesis pops into my head from a garbled melody: Take Time” says Daniel; “The story kinda writes itself, doesn't it?”

The Collective Bus speaks the words we all need to hear through their music. You can stream ‘Take Time’ now on Spotify or listen to it in the number one spot during the WNIR Best Songs of 2020 Radio Special daily at 6:30PM EST.

To learn more about The Collective Bus, listen to their music, and to catch their next show, visit For interviews, additional storyline, or photos, please contact: David R Woeckener at (310) 717-9090.


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