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Tim Buono's "We Are" Music Video Perfectly Captures the Rural American Lifestyle & Values

Rising country star Tim Buono released the official music video for his single "We Are," and it's a perfect representation of the rural American dream and way of life. The video showcases Buono's talent and passions, as well as his values.

The video celebrates the rural American lifestyle - it captures images of families spending time together, country scenery, and the American flag flying proudly, and features unsung heroes in action such as construction workers, farmers, veterinarians, and firefighters. These clips intertwine with Buono solo shredding on his electric guitar and singing proudly about how the country life raised himself and others: "We'll work for it rather than take it for free / That's how we were raised in the country." His honest, patriotic lyrics can be relatable to Americans living both in the south and the midwest rural areas.

"We Are" was released in July, and it is Buono's third single following "Anywhere" and "Summertime Thing." Described as a "musical free spirit," the singer-songwriter's creativity shines through in his original work as well as covers of other artists he enjoys creating - Dierks Bentley, one of his biggest influences, has even given him props on his talent after he posted a cover of Bentley's "Say You Do" in 2015. He's certainly been making a name for himself in the country music scene, and this year he signed to Asphalt Music Group in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can watch the visual accompaniment to Buono's "We Are" below, and be sure to check out his other singles on Spotify and Apple Music.

Tim Buono

Asphalt Music Group


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