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Exclusive Interview: Juliana Hale

What do you take extremely seriously when it comes to your music?

I take the songwriting extremely seriously and the message.

What can you be lax about when it comes to your music?

I've actually been working on being more lax about the vibe and delivery.

Who is the most demanding about your music?

I think the most demanding part is marketing on social media daily.

What demands do you make of yourself when you need to keep on the right track?

I keep a to-do list and hold myself accountable.

How do you figure out what needs to change rather than just adjusted?

As far as music goes, if something still isn't sitting right after being adjusted, I change it. I always try to adjust first because sometimes it's all about levels.

Coming from your hometown, how does it influence the music you make?

I'm from Southern California but I basically grew up in Nashville. I think that gave me a love for pop from California and also a love for storytelling, which Nashville is famous for.

Are there any other influences you pull from?

So much! I pull from other artists I like, movies, and really anything I can.

How are you trying to make sure you do the right thing for yourself and your art?

I'm just trying to stay true to myself and do what I love.

Talk to us about your single Dollhouse!

Dollhouse is a hard-hitting women empowerment hip-hop anthem featuring the very talented rapper Wande. It is about standing up to objectification and owning your power as a woman.

Give us all the details of how to support you!

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