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"For the Love of God" by The F-Use is a Rocking Anthem of Angst

"For the Love of God" by the one-man alternative rock band The F-Use is an aggressive, bold anthem of angst and frustration, and it's the perfect song to scream-sing to when you're feeling angry.

Lead singer, guitarist, bassist, and percussionist Matthew Estevez encapsulates feelings of frustration and feeling trapped in the song. "Stuck inside a cage I'm not getting out alive / Feeling so invisible when nothing is alright," His gravelly voice belts over the heavy instrumental of dark guitars and driving percussion. The track is full of killer guitar riffs and features a solo that give his following lyrics a deeper punch of angst as he repeats lyrics in the bridge asking someone to take the pain away.

Estevez writes and performs all aspects of The F-Use's music - he plays every instrument and writes all of the lyrics and melodies. "For the Love of God" is his debut single released back in August, and he recently released an additional song, "I'm Still Me," in September. He recently announced his first full-length album I Don't Feel Like I Belong Here will be released on October 23. You can stream "For the Love of God" everywhere now, and be sure to follow The F-Use's journey below:


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