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Isaac & Robi Share a Message of Healing in Their Ethereal Ballad, "Third Eye"

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Alternative-Indie duo Ashley "Robi" Robicheaux and Isaac Middleton, known to fans as Isaac & Robi, released their fourth single "Third Eye" - and it's an ethereal ballad that beautifully captures the emotional rollercoaster of healing.

The lyrics capture Robi's journey of healing after a break-up. "I didn’t want to let you back, didn’t know how to pretend," Robi sings smoothly over the ambient track, wishing to resist the feelings of pain this person has brought. Originally, the lyrics were written through sorrow and loss, but through recording the demo a year after she was able to find gratitude and love. As the song progresses, the music builds to an epic ballad high in passion & emotion, ending in the duo's powerful harmonies that give vibrancy and color to the dreamy accompaniment.

They recorded the demo after playing a stripped acoustic version for a live set a year after Robi had experienced a break up. "Third Eye" is the fourth single released by the Nashville-based duo since they began working together in 2018, following the release of "Flood" in May of this year, and they're currently working on their first EP - but for now you can stream and download "Third Eye" below.


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